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Constitution of Native Hawaiians

After decades of trying, Native Hawaiians have put together a form of government. In February participants of the Native Hawaiian 'aha have adopted a constitution for self-determination. The next step is for the 15 page document to be presented to Native Hawaiians for ratification. 

Below are three links to help you understand the next steps Native Hawaiian's will follow to form their own government:


1) Constitution of Native Hawaiians...
Read Constitution of Native Hawaiian Nation and Declaration: www.aha2016.com

2) A historical time table to the eventual Declaration of Sovereignty...
Read Declaration of the Sovereignty of the Native Hawaiian Nation: www.aha2016.com

3) How to vote for the Native Hawaiian Constitution...
Voter registration to ratify Constitution: Kana'iolowalu - a year-long campaign to reunify Native Hawaiians in the self-recognition of our unrelinquished sovereignty

4) Beneficial information on Na'i Aupuni...
Learn about Na'i Aupuni and research literature: Naʻi Aupuni (http://www.naiaupuni.org/)


Although these steps are promising, Native Hawaiians still need to decide on several other crucial factors. From currency to relationships with the United States and other foreign countries and so much more...


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