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January 19th, 2002

As we say Aloha 2002 and bye bye to 2001 and the bad memories that enveloped our country after 9-11, We've been all touched by the tragedy of September 11. I hope, more than anything the event made you appreciate your family more and the lives we lead in this country. Be happy for what we got and appreciate it every day... I want to send out some Mahalo's to a number of people who make the two shows run and are fun at the same time, which is not an easy task to do. Mahalo Nui Loa to Craig, Dennis, Alisha & Staff at KXPA for giving us the 8am time slot so we can keep our Hawaiian audience happy in the morning. Mahalo Nui to Steve, Christin & Bruce at KBCS for making the station the best its ever been in the 10 years of broadcasting our show. KBCS has more power now, a new tower, lot's of new equipment for better sound quality-as well as have an awesome website. We love you. Now get us a two-hour show and we'll be even happier!!! Yep, we'll be patient. Major kudos to Steve for bringing up Hawaiian Artists, the shows have been wonderful...What to watch for in '02. We are in the process of reshuffling our line up a bit. On KBCS, the first Saturday we’ll feature Sista Kulina & Uncle Gregg. They get good chemistry, like fine poi!?!? We bring on a new member to the Ohana. Rachel DelaCruz will join us on the 4th Saturday with Sista Kulina & Aunty Moody. Rachel is an English teacher and does a great on-air segment on Hawaii Public Radio. She starts in Feb. It’ll be all Wahine radio. We will be updating the web site more (My Bad for not doing it all the time). We hope to be going to two hours sometime in the future on KBCS 91.3FM. Call or Write the managers and request it. On KXPA, we’ll try to involve our sponsors a little more with fun give-away’s and promotions for you our wonderful listening Ohana. Take Care of yourself and keep in touch.

Mahalo A Nui Loa for you support.
Stephen "Braddah" Gomes

Da Lilikoi Vine "What Da Latest Rumors" - July 31st 2002 -

We're almost at the halfway point of summer. Are you squeezing every bit of fun out of it? I'm doing my best, Hawaiian style… "Hooo da good fun dis year's summer fest!" That was the overwhelming feeling at the 2002 Hawaiian Summer Festival, the preeminent ho'olaulea in Wakinikona at Kennedy High School in Burien.
This year's 'Fest was very well attended, unlike last year, when it was held on the fourth Saturday in July, an unwelcome change from the historical third Saturday in July. Highlights of the event include: Uncles Larry Awana & Larry Kanahele (singing lead), with the other Uncles in the Wakinikona Band, started out the event. They were smooth. Aunty Claire Cortez's halau brought down the house with Tahitian dancing! "Wow!" is what people were saying as they watched all 50 members of her halau dancing at one time. They got the crowd going!!! Cute scene: All the keiki, under five years of age, performing together. Napua, from our Radio Ohana, was belting out the music, and her halau was awesome with their mix of Hawaiian and Tahitian performances. The warm weather made the cafeteria a bit hot & muggy - just like Hawaii this time of year. Thank goodness for Johnnie Pine-Apple. He was making really ono shave ice; that buggah hit da spot…

In Silverdale over the July 27th weekend, Hui Hei Hei Wa'a O Puget Sound Canoe Club featured a day of canoe racing at the Whaling Days event. The race was significant in a couple of ways:
1) It's the first time anyone can remember a Hawaiian Canoe Regatta being billed as the main event, as part of its line up of entertainment for a major Northwest celebration, and:
2) The Hui put together canoe teams that featured workers from area businesses. The amazing part was that many participants had never seen a Hawaiian outrigger canoe, much less paddle in one. Even more amazing, most of the races were exciting - no joke!!! I hosted the event and noticed how successful the concept was. Business owners and employees all say they had a great time. Mahalo to Aunty Lori LaFontaine for her all-out effort and aloha. The opening ceremony, which she choreographed, was beautiful as the Hui welcomed the canoe paddlers who won the bronze medal in Bora Bora, Tahiti recently. Before the ceremony, it was windy and rough on Dyes Inlet. As Aunty Healani started chanting, the inlet calmed. Talk about chicken skin!!! A deep mahalo to Aunty Lani, for her brilliance as a co-host to moi. Mahalo also to Uncle Mike, Auntie Healani, and everyone I got to meet. It was fantastic! Auntie Lani said it perrrrrfectly: "What you saw today was the aloha spirit." Well said. Let's take the aloha spirit to another level in the summer of 2002. Aloha…A Hui Hou!
Braddah Gomes
Da Lilikoi Vine "What Da Latest Rumors" - September 3rd 2002 -

Aloha and welcome to the last few months of Twenty-OOO-Two. Hope you had (Yep, pas-tense) a wonderful summer. I sure did!!! Palahoe (BBQ) almost every weekend, and went to a number of Hawaiian events. It was wonderful seeing and talking story with our many listeners. You folks are so Maikai!!!

Visiting us at Uwajimaya, the Hawaiian Summer Festival, the Ka Ohana Aloha Festival and other events-MAHALO… Hope you enjoyed the "All in the Radio Ohana" show over the Labor Day weekend. It was nice to hear from all 11 of our hosts of both HRC and HRC-Elua. We intend to play that program on some future date…Mark this date down. January 4th, 2003. According to KBCS management we could potentially be going to a two hour program at the beginning of the year. Went to the meeting regarding this and it looks very promising, except for the criticism we received from a very unprofessional and negative host from another radio show. Not sure what her problem is but she didn't show much Aloha Spirit with her antics. Other hosts at KBCS were very supportive of our show and aghast at her antics. Hopefully, one day she'll feel the Aloha Spirit and what it's about… Even though the weather will start to be grey & cold I'm looking forward to several Hawaiian Events to bring the warmth of Hawaii into our lives.
Look for Host's of the Radio Ohana to participate in a number of events including the "Battle of the Bands" and the "Ledward Kaapana Concert." They should be a lot of fun, and warm things up for us… Most exciting is the possible return to the Hawaii Radio Connection airwaves of Uncle Kamuela. He was our Hawaiian expert when HRC first started, but had to stop the show to finishing Grad School. He is now Dr. Kamuela. He may be back this Fall. Let's hope this happens!!!
A Hui Hou-Braddah Gomes.
Da Lilikoi Vine "What Da Latest Rumors" - October 18th 2002 -

I just don't understand Wakinikona sometimes?!?! Beautiful weather in the fall, when it is usually dark, wet and cold. Three, not one, but three Hawaiian events all on the same day, Sunday October 20th , and an ongoing scandal of a pretender who is stealing people's hard earned money all in the name of Aloha & Hula. It's enough to get you concerned that the end is near. At least, if it happens soon- I did get to see Ledward Kaapana at BCC on Sunday Oct. 13th astound, blow-away and dazzle the crowd into a standing ovation. Awesome site-seeing Auntie Moody dance to Ledwards' signature song "Ikona." Full of emotion and watery eyed she says, "I've danced to the song before, but this is the first time I was able to dance to it by the artists who made the song so famous." Most of the Radio Ohana took in the event: Sista Kulina looking as gorgeous as eva, Cousin Clarice laughing at all our jokes, Auntie Rochelle cracking great one liners and Uncle Ed visiting with all the listeners. All of us left feeling the Aloha spirit and enough chicken skin to pass around to all that attended the event. Mahalo to Kalabash Uncle Steve Ramsey for putting the concert together, "dat fulla is Akamai." Owana Salazaar opened for Led. She was fantastic. Check out her new CD "Slack & Steel." We'll be playing a lot of songs from it…Concern is mounting in the Seattle promoters circle regarding outsiders who put on programs on the same day or weekend while other functions are going on. Hopefully we can produce some form of business round table and plan out a calendar of events for everyone. This way we can avoid this form of debacle from happening again. People will be losing money on this. Part of the problem is people were hard head in thinking the Seattle market can sustain these many acts at one time. One act is a tough sell as it is. Remember "Polynesian Jam?!?!"… A word of caution, if someone asks you to donate money to a Hula competition, ask them if you can talk with other members of the competition to find out where the money is going. If the event is legitimate, they'll have no problem confirming what they are trying to do with there partners. If not, just say "Mahalo, but no thank you!" We have a snake in our community that needs to be stopped. Law enforcement is investigating the slippery bugga right now. As we get more info we'll tell you all about it… It's time to end this article. Hope the end isn't coming soon, 'cause we gotta enjoy this wonderful weather and take in at least one concert on the 20th so we can talk about it when the days turn dark, cold and wet.
Aloha…A Hui Hou, Braddah Gomes

Aloha…A hui hou,
Stephen “Braddah” Gomes
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