Da Lilikoi Vine "What Da Latest Rumors" - January 26th 2003 -

Aloha everyone, and welcome to 2003. Mahalo for all your support and kokua in 2002. In this addition of the Lilikoi Vine I'm going out on a limb and make predictions for the upcoming year, to have fun and to make you folks do something that doesn't always come my way and that's make you think!?!? So here we go, out on a limb, walking the tight rope of my predictions for '03: There will be two babies born to our Radio Ohana (That was tough.) The Hawaii Radio Connection will be going to two hours! Which show is your guess? The snake that is ripping off different Hawaiian organization will be bagged, and hopefully sent to the Hale for bad people. Speaking of these organizations they will all make Kala ($$) on their events in the upcoming year, because we have the Northwest Hawaiian Community Calendar and this will help them figure out "whose got what going on." Terry Uemura will win a cook off for the best Korean Chicken & Won Ton in the Hawaiian Community. Then He'll say he was "Lucky everything worked out." How'z the predictions so far, out on a limb-No? Well here's more… We will do a live broadcast this year and we don't know where, so tune in to find out. You going join us ooo What? Braddah Gomes will MC a couple of events and I'll "Make A." One person will leave the Radio Ohana which currently stands at nine members, who will it be? Now you are thinking and wondering!!! Kealii Reichel will finally release a CD and it'll be another good one. Kalapana or Na Leo will be in concert here in '03. I was going to predict the Makaha Sons, Hookena and Riataia Helm, but Aaron at NaMele.com beat me to the punch, dat buggah! Na Palapalai going scoop up at this year Na Hoku Hano Hano Awards. The Hawaii General Store will open a second location in our area. When Cousin Gail hears this prediction she's "going give me cracks" up side the head. She's busy enough with her one store, she no need Elua on her hands. In predictions from the Aloha State: Governor Linda Lingle will have a good term and will actually turn around Hawaii's economy, but If we go to war, Hawaii's economy, so dependent on tourism will go into the tank again, you'll see more locals move away, and they'll be headed to Vegas (The Ninth Hawaiian Island) There'll be arrests of Politicians and Government workers in Hawaii, the old boy network is still strong. The Kamehameha Schools will announce major changes to its admission policy. Did you know according a study by the schools that within ten years more Hawaiians will be living on the Mainland than in Hawaii. There you go. If you have any predictions email 'um to me at braddahgomes@yahoo.com. See you on the radio in 2003.
Aloha…A Hui Hou. S'B'G
Da Lilikoi Vine "What Da Latest Rumors" - Updated 03/05/03 -

…What a rush, now that all those wonderful Hawaiian events in February are pau, we kinda slow down in March, but we keep marching on in 2003…Mahalo to all of you who sent and said nice things to our son Micah Kaleo'okalani Gomes. Auntie Keniki & I want to say Mahalo A Nui Loa!!! If you're wondering, Micah's middle name means "sweet heavenly voice," which I haven't heard yet, above all the loud cries. Da buggah can scream, especially when he stay hungry!... If you hungered for big time Hawaiian Music then enjoying the Makaha Sons, Hookena, Raiatia and Chinky Mahoe satisfied your appetite like one ono plate lunch. The concert was well attend and awesome. I can hear Aaron at Namele.com saying "WHEW!" Raiatia stole the show, especially when she sang Alika and hit the high's just like Auntie Genoa Keawe does. During the song a note she hit lasted for two minutes. (Timed by Auntie Kini of Hui O Na Kumu Hula.) Jerome Koko the spokesperson for the Makaha Sons was tossing funny one liners all night. When Hookena joined Makaha Sons on stage to sing with Raiata, confusion broke out as to who would stand where and use what mic. Koko quipped, "As you can see ladies and gentlemen we rehearsed all day for this"-The crowd cracked up laughing! A sight at night: Uncle Kamuale looking stately with his all black wardrobe and slick blondish looking hair. Sidebar: Uncle, welcome back on air to the Hawaii Radio Connection, you were missed. Congrats on becoming Dr. Kamuale Ka'ahanue. Uncle will be hosting with Cousin Gail & me on the 2nd Sat... Went to "Island nights" in Maxi's lounge in the Double Tree Hotel in Seatac. Boy and his fellow canoe club gang know how to put on a party. I haven't seen this many dressed up locals since I use to go dancing at the "Point After" and "Atlantis" in Waikiki back in "da day." Dicky Kinimaka, had the line of the evening as he surveyed the beautiful crowd, "As why local braddah's get in trouble, because of local girls who look like her" as another hula dancing, drop dead gorgeous, Wahine with long black-brownish hair walks by--and smiles. Drooling was heard all night. Mahalo Boy, for making us feel like young boys again!...What A Mix. On 3/15/03 Hui Wa'a O Puget sound is having their fundraiser at "Club Broadway" in Everett. It'll feature Hawaiian music, local food and gambling. Organizer, Butch Calivo needs to get an honorary marketing degree for this great idea. Fundraiser?!?! My funds will be lower… Ho Hum, the new L&L Drive in is open in Everett, to mixed reviews. We're so spoiled up here with: Bobby's, Kauai Family and Kona Kitchen. How times have changed, this would've been big news 15 years ago… Time to hele on, the sun is coming up earlier, the days are getting warmer and the smiles are wider. Time to get some sun and put some color back on our skin and take advantage of the beauty of the Puget Sound. I'm sounding so emotional, but that's what happens when you spend a winter in the Northwest. Thank goodness for Hawaiian music, Yea warm things up!!! Aloha…A Hui Hou,
A June Tune - Updated 07/26/03 -

A June Tune… “On a white sandy beach of Hawai’i, sounds of the ocean, soth my restless soul, sounds of the ocean rock me all night loooooonngg. Those hot long summer days…” That’s how it feels this time of year in Wakinekona. Listening to Hawaiian music while you soak up the blue skies, rainless days and green scenery. We live in an area where the longest days last a short time, where warmth is replaced by cold within minutes and going to Hawaii makes you feel like you got cheated out of really nice weather (and you did). Welcome to the summer in the Northwest…It is a busy time in our Wakinicommunity. Auntie Napua of Hula Halua O Napualani says, “We’ve been so busy playing music for luau’s and events. Sometimes three or four a week.” I hear Auntie Moody’s Halau is actually turning away business or scrambling to find other Halau to help. Peter Buza at the Kaua’i Family Restaurant says, “Hard to enjoy summer, we get so buzy!” That’s summer time here…Big news from our radio show on 91.3FM, and it comes in a riddle: what is 120 on 8/2/03. We’ll explain later, I’m sworn to secrecy now...The secrets out as we perform a “Breakfast Broadcast at Malia’s Bakery” on Saturday August 23rd. We’ll be featuring Malasadas, Kona Coffee and Portuguese Sweet Bread at their Gillman Village Issaquah locale…More summertime local food fun. Hawaiian Food week at Uwajimaya runs July 16th-through da-30th. Now’s the time to stock up on all your Hawaiian type products. I empty my wallet every time this year. Seriously, I spend more than $50 on Portuguese sausage alone. Yep addicted! Another addicting thing to do is cruise around Seattle. I know I’m 42 but you’re never too old to go driving, besides I got my cruising route all planned out. Start on Broadway for a mile-mannered freak-show ride, “A I know that guy!?!?” Then drive through Pioneer square, looking at all the squares. Make a left on the bumpy red road into Pike’s Place market for music and tourist watching. If you’re really lucky, find a parking place and buy a couple of pastries at the Market. More tour-eye watching continues with a slow drive on the water-front. Top off the cruise with a run down Alki Beach. Views of nature, the Seattle Skyline (remove the eye-sore Viaduct Now!) and people watching each other….I love Hawaii, but I always tell people, “The Islands cannot touch the Northwest during the summer!” Live it up cause it’ll come to an end sooner than you think! It’s time to cruise on to July with Braddah Iz singing “White Sandy Beach.” Aloha…A Hui Hou, SG

Aloha…A hui hou,
Stephen “Braddah” Gomes
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