Aloha,  (updated 01/27/04)

I hope your 2004 (already) is going well. E Kalamai (I'm sorry) for not getting our website updated more often and looking better than it has. We are at the mercy of ever changing software and hosts. I'm in the process of having the website put totally under my control. Mahalo for your understanding.

Now on to something interesting...We are in the process of creating a newspaper for Wakinekona. It will be called the Northwest Hawai`i Times. It will be a monthly newspaper, and will feature news from Wakinekona and Hawai`i and will also feature information on Hawaiian music, entertainment, sports and editorial comments and letters from people in the community.

The Northwest Hawai`i Times will be free to the public and you will be able to pick it up at more than 100 locations in Seattle, Tacoma and Everett.

Listen for an announcement in February as to when the first issue will be released.

Aloha...A hui hou,

Stephen "Braddah" Gomes


Aloha Kakou,  (updated 09/24/04)

I hope all is well with you and your `ohana. From our Radio `ohana to you we want to say Mahalo A Nui Loa for supporting our radio program over the years. The Hawai`i Radio Connection on the AM side of the radio dial will be five years old on January 1st 2005, the Hawai`i Radio Connection on 91.3FM will be 14 years old—My goodness!!!

In ’05 we have some big plans for the five year anniversary on Hawai`i Radio Connection on AM 1540 KXPA. Look for us to take the show on the road for live-remotes from sponsors who have been with us from the beginning including Bobby’s Hawaiian Style Restaurant, Gordito’s, Hawai`i General Store, Kaua`i Family Restaurant and Uwajimaya. During the year we will recognize all who has helped the show over the years including Na, Aloha Island Treasures, Hawaii Show case Television Magazine and the Hawaiian clubs and canoe clubs and many other in our wonderful Hawaiian community here in Wakinekona.

But most of all look for us to continue to provide the most comprehensive and full service program on Hawai`i Radio Connection on AM 1540 KXPA.

We hope to see you at our live-remotes, come by and have fun and enjoy each other, and as always going have food. E Malama Pono,

Aloha…A hui hou,

Stephen “Braddah” Gomes

Aloha…A hui hou,
Stephen “Braddah” Gomes
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