The HRC `Ohana lovingly remembers our beloved Kumu Hula Aunty Moodette Keli`iho`omalu Ka`apana

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Aloha e ʻAnakē Moodette
Aloha e ʻAnakē Moodette Keliʻihoʻomalu Kaʻapana. E haʻo ʻia ʻoe. Mahalo aku au iā ʻoe. ʻO ʻoe
kuʻu kaikuahine mua a me kaʻu kumu. Mahalo aku au iā ʻAnakala Dougie a me Kalehua i ko ʻolua ʻae ʻana i ko mākou mau manawa iki makamae me kāu wahine aloha a me kou makuahine nani.
E haʻo ʻia ʻoe, e ʻAnake, i kau a kau e ka ʻohana Gomes, ʻo Denise, ʻAnakē Keniki, a me Micah Kaleoʻokalani!

me ke aloha piha,
Stephen Kaleonui “Braddah” Gomes

  Aloha e ʻAnakē Moodette
Aloha Auntie Moodette Keliʻihoʻomalu Kaʻapana. You will be missed. I appreciate you. You are my elder sister and my kumu. I thank Uncle Dougie and Kalehua for allowing me to share great moments with your beloved wife and your beautiful mother.
You will be missed, Auntie, always by the Gomes ʻohana, Denise, Aunty Keniki, and Micah Kaleoʻokalani!

me ke aloha piha,
Stephen Kaleonui “Braddah” Gomes




Today we lost our Hawai'i Radio Connection resident kumu. It's still shocking me to think she is gone - who will be there to share the legends, hula moves and gently correct when we get pronunciation wrong. Aunty Moody will always be there to remind us of the significance and representation Hawaiian music and dance bring. We send the Ka'apana ohana all our love and aloha! Mic 3 will never be same again Aunty!

Maile Lono, Host Hawai`i Radio Connection



Moodette Keli`iho`omalu Ka`apana left our world too soon and in her peak years as kumu hula.  How poignant that she took flight during this week of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo.  But she lives on in her family and friends, and in her dances and haumana.  Mahalo nui loa Aunty Moody for your grace and your gifts.  Aloha `oe until we meet again.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Aunty Rochelle



Aloha- on behalf of all the staff at KBCS, our hearts go out to the Ka’apana family over the passing of Moody. Their loss is our loss as well. She will be missed here at KBCS and in the community whose lives she touched with her spirit and love of the Hawaiian culture.

Kalabash Uncle Steve Ramsey, General Manager KBCS



It is through tearful eyes that I send out this sorrowful news.  Aunty Moody has been a loving friend, a patient teacher, and a cheerful radio co-host for me for about 15 years.  Her tireless work on behalf of the Hawaiian community in this region always lifted and inspired so many of us.  In a world of division, she was an unflagging proponent of togetherness. 

Gregg Porter, KUOW Announcer, Hawai’i Radio Connection Host



Moody was one of the first Hawai'i community people I met (at a hula workshop) in 1976, shortly after moving here to Seattle (to attend UW). Being a member of the local historical costume society, I sought Moody's assistance in the dress code, especially during the Monarchy Period and borrowed some HOLOKU patterns from her.  She was nice enough to come to my house (when I had one! LOL) to loan me the patterns and I showed her some Hawaiian dolls, books and other Hawaiiana "memorabilia." I was very happy that she became part of the Board at Wing Luke Museum for the Exhibit of Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest. Whenever anyone asked me about hula lessons in the Seattle area, I always referred them to Moody's halau.  

I will miss her immensely!

Beverly Mendheim, Loyal Hawai`i Radio Connection listener



For Aunties Celebration of Life

Aloha Kakahiaka-Aloha Kakou,

I’m Stephen Braddah Gomes.

First, I want to say I’m honored, blessed and humbled to be asked

to speak to you today at this celebration of life for Auntie

Moodette Ann Leilani Keliihoomalau Kaapana.

I want to thank Uncle Dougie Kaapana and daughter Kalehua

Kaapana for all the valuable time you gave all of us, for allowing

us to feel the Aloha from your wonderful wife and mother.

I want to extend my Aloha to Moodette’s amazing ‘ohana.

Mother Evelyn Keliihoomalu, sisters: Cathy, Tracy and Jaydeen and brother Moody.

And an Aloha Nui to Uncle Dougie’s ‘ohana Darwin “Puch”

Keli`i, Dean Kau’i, Daniel Kuhio, Dion Kalani, Dale Kauhi and

Barbara Ululani. Mahalo nui loa for being here.

I’m still in denial. I can’t believe my big sista is not with us.

I have sooo many wonderful memories and moments with Auntie.

What a magnificent person… So full of Aloha…And the best sense of humor ever.

A true Tita.

I first met Auntie back in 1990’s. After the Makaha Sons concert in Burien.

I recently moved from Honolulu and wanted to stay in touch with

my Island home. I introduced myself and I couldn’t have been

more accepted by her. At that time I found her so loving, warm and

very inviting. As if I’d know her all my life. A great local Wahine.

We had just gotten the radio show started and wanted someone to

join us, just like back home, having a mix pot of radio host

bringing all their unique identities and talents to the show.

Auntie fit right in, totally blew us away with her knowledge of the

Hawaiian Culture, music and most of all Hula!

And she also fit in cause we lovingly loved to tease each other.

O’ahu-Kauai jokes, private school-public school jokes potogee

jokes, poking fun with each other. .


I was fortunate to know Auntie for nearly two decades and during

that time I got to really learn what a loving person she was and

how giving she was, of her time to help others...

I loved Auntie as my big sister, but I wasn’t aware of her status in

our community; How revered she was. She was so humble

and made others feel so special.

Every month she would come to KXPA then go KBCS to do our

radio shows. Most of the time she would come late to the

show… A few minutes. She never said it was Hawaiian time, it

was always something else like, bad traffic, (Saturday Morning)

I had to help KaLehua with home work!?!? And let me tell you

she helped KaLehua a lot, like almost every month, since she was late all the time.

KaLehua, now I know why you sooo smart.

Several things make me so happy when I talk about Auntie Moody

and that’s the accomplishments that I witnessed and the height’s she obtained.


Once KBCS did a concert with Ledward Kaapana, Uncle

Dougie’s cousin. Ledward asked Auntie to dance his signature

song, “Ikona.” The Hula was magical. Swinging and Swaying on

the stage while Ledward sang Kaleo kie kie’s, his voice filling the

arena. When it was pau, we all gave them a standing ovation.

Last year at the Seattle Slack Key Festival, we found out it was her

Birthday. We called her on stage and close to 500 people sang her

Happy Birthday. It was so fitting and appropriate-They loved her.

Again, last year, I was asked by an Ukulele group to do a hula for

them. We chose “Hele on to Kaua`I.” I know, so Gomes!?!?

Auntie jumped into action and actually came to my house to help

me with the Hula. As I was practicing, having a tough time.

I figured, I use to go Waikiki all the time, go dance club, I know I

can do this. My wife says, she looked at Auntie, and she had that

look like (Roll da eyes). At one point she said, why don’t you do

the Hula seated!?!? I kept practicing. The day of the event, I did

da Hula and she came up to me, hugged me and kissed me, and

said you did it. But I dunno about that band!?!? .4
But the most fun I had with Auntie was the countless one-on-one

times we use to spend with each other. Filled with love and humor.

One time on-air at KXPA I joked with her.

“Auntie what High School you went. She said Sacred Hearts.”

I told her, what do you call a pretty girl at Sacred Hearts,

she said What- I said “A Miracle.”

Then she said, What do you call a smart Potogee guy from Kaua`i.

I said, I dunno,

She said me too, haven’t, we haven’t found one yet!?!?!

Once a year Auntie would go to O`ahu and stay with Mom, usually

around July for an entire month. She said it was for Hula research!

She would check-out her old Halau, purchase hulat itmes….

But I would also find out, part of the research was going to night

clubs that feature Hawaiian music.

She would tell me, oooo I saw Kuana Torres Kahalei, Weldon

Kekaoha, Auntie Kuuipo Kumukahi.

Eh Mom Evelyn, I can go stay your house and do research!?!?


There is sooo much that Auntie left us with.

Just a few months ago, she asked my how I liked my new job

at KUOW. I told her I finally found employment I really

enjoyed and couldn’t be happier.

She told me, you know we are very lucky. Then she looked at me

grabbed my arm and said, beside marrying Doug and giving birth

to KaLehua-- becoming a Kumu Hula is the thing I always wanted

to do and it’s brought me so much happiness and kept me striving.

She says, now you need to leave your legacy and never stop growing.

Yes Auntie you left your legacy.

You’ve touched soo many people. You gave my son and me

Hawaiian names for our love of the Hawaiian culture.

You were always willing to help others and you always respected

your culture and your art!


You left an incredible legacy for your Halau Hula

Pulamaheiaikalikolehua with two Kumu Auntie Jay and Auntie Mae.

But being totally honest, you left a void in all our hearts, it hurts to

not have you with us anymore!!!

Auntie Moody you left us beautiful memories. And those will help

all us to continue to move forward and grow.

I will miss you.

I love you.

Mahalo nui Auntie. May Akua continue to bless you and your

‘ohana Amena (Amen)

Stephen Kaleonui “Braddah” Gomes

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